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If you're looking for something particular that isn't standard fare in the chat, you MUST inform your partner.Don't fuck around, tell them up front what you want before you do it and list it in your profile.Writing can be fun, but I think the nice thing about RP is that with a good partner, you've got someone to work with.Like, after setting up a scene, there's opportunity to react and work off of the other person's personality and actions.

The mods know full well of certain behavior types and crack down on drama llamas that make public shit and flat-out ban people that. Basically, think Cell in DBZ, when he eats 17 and 18.

The story is M/F with anthro Pokémon and unwilling pred.

Here are links to FA/Eka's:https://aryion.com/g4/view/364107 extremely annoying amount of people will set up a RP with you only to vanish off the face of the earth after the very first post and if they do reappear, they'll ignore you or revanish the moment you message them.

Kind of like paintball, or videogames, there's a sort of feedback response that writing a story on your own doesn't really provide.

All that said, 99% of people on Eka's or Flist are either retarded or not into what I'm into, and working around them to find good partners kinda sucks.

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