Precisely dating a martin guitar

Of course, any such damage would not be covered by the limited lifetime warranty.

So, to qualify for the Martin guitar lifetime limited warranty, you must be the guitar’s original owner, who purchased from an authorized distributor, without having subsequently made any repairs that might have voided the warranty.

” and yes, you’re totally right, but the way hide glue sets and ages over time creates a stronger, more cohesive bond between each piece of the guitar.

It not only fuses to the wood but starts to become part of its ‘DNA’ if you will, effectively turning many pieces of wood into one.

You must also register the guitar, preferably within 30 days of its purchase.

As with any of your valuable property, you might want to consider insuring your Martin guitar.

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This technique is not employed by all guitar companies due to the cost, but Martin take extra care to ensure a vast majority of their guitars are quarter sawn. In contrast to an “implied” warranty, an express warranty provides oral or written communication on what the manufacturer guarantees. Martin & Co., more commonly known among musicians as “Martin,” offers a lifetime limited warranty to purchasers of their fine acoustic guitars. Because the Martin Care & Feeding Guide expresses what guarantees Martin is providing, this warranty qualifies as an “express” warranty.This adds to the resonance of the guitar and improves the sonic quality as the entire guitar is essentially one piece of wood.Hide glue creates a cohesive rather than adhesive bond and transfers the tone across the guitar a lot better.However, guitarists, and Martin firmly believe that Hide glue makes a true difference to the sound. This use of hide glue is now often revered by luthiers and guitar aficionados alike as it creates a stronger bond between each part of the guitar.Ok, you’re probably thinking “Doesn’t all glue create a bond? I recently delved into the text of the Martin Care & Feeding Guide to find out just how limited is the limited warranty on a Martin guitar.In this instance, Martin guarantees the quality of the wood and materials with which the guitar is made, as well as the workmanship quality of the guitar.This is part of the reason Martin guitars will reverberate for a lot longer than most guitars.Hide glue is now used on the Martin Authentic series guitars and can be requested as part of the custom shop.

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