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Unfortunately we cannot guarantee you will receive a domain that has been pre-registered.We are unable to anticipate the demand for a particular domain before the start of General Availability, so there may be more than one person requesting the domain.There are a variety of phases that a new TLD may go through during its launch process.The first of these phases, historically called "Sunrise" is exclusively for verified Trademark Holders.Get started by entering a domain or keyword in the search box above.

Available only to Trademark Holders, this registration period, also known as Sunrise, is the first chance anyone has to register a new domain.

When you pre-register a domain, we add your domain request to a list that will be immediately submitted to the registry the moment General Availability begins.

After General Availability begins for that particular TLD (Top Level Domain), you will be notified via email as to whether or not we were able to successfully register your domain.

Pre-registering a domain gives you a better chance of securing the name you want.

The new domains will be popular, so we recommend pre-registering.

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