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They are there for two reasons: one, to leave room for people with longer names(like our third person), and two, to force each value of each variable to occupy the same columns.

In this example, we would say that the variable “name” is in columns 1-30, “age” is in columns 31-32, and “weight” is in columns 33-34.

This is how the the following data file containing variables for individuals’ name, age, and weight would look in a fixed-width text file (fixed-width text files will not have a line for the variable names): Note that the data are all packed together.

The blanks between the names and ages of the first two people are called “filler”.

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You must know that raw data files stored in Workfile folder has nothing but only matrix of numbers.

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Data provided by National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) is rich source source of information on many issues concerning social scientists and research students.

But I find that many students and faculties struggle to get hold of detailed data that are provided in CD form by NSSO (Unit level).

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