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We went to dinner, and were seated in a small corner booth, Cindy on my right and Jen on my left. I reached down to get it, when Jen got it first and took it away before I reached it, and moved her hand between her legs.After ordering a round of cocktails and a bottle of wine (to have with dinner), Cindy excused herself and went to the powder room. She just smiled and whispered back "no one can see - the tablecloths are too long". if your mother comes back and finds me hard she's going to wonder why" I whispered back. Are you telling me she'd check you in a place like this? I reached for her hand, but she took mine, pulled it between her legs, and held it to her bare pussy, and I could plainly feel her excitement.The first reservation I could get was for a few hours out, and it would only take 20 minutes to get there, so we had some time. "Ok" came from the two of them so I grabbed my drink and headed downstairs. Her looked instantly changed to that of a lusty vixen, and she opened her mouth and ran her tongue around her lips as if she was working over the head of a dick, and then said "there's something I'd like to do to you…". "Ya know, at this point, I think she might be almost relieved, because that would lift a lot of pressure from her", I told her.

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She was standing with her back to me and saw me in the mirror and softly sang out "hi sweetie".

I got in first, and held the covers open for Cindy as she slid into bed with me.

She was wearing only a very sheer silk night-shirt that hugged her figure.

I took off my clothes and was putting on some slacks when Cindy came over to me from behind and held herself to me, kissed the back of my neck, gave my cock a quick squeeze and smiled at me as she walked out of the bedroom, grabbing a set of pearls on her way out.

I finished dressing and followed her into the living room, where Jen was wearing the same skirt and waiting for us. Just then I brushed my salad fork off the table with my elbow, and it landed between us on the upholstered bench of the booth.

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