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Jim Jordan, one of the most conservative politicians in the country.Goodman also worked for the Conservative Action Project, an organization made up of economic, social and national security conservatives.He told that soon afterward he and Goodman began exchanging explicit text messages that included sexting and gay banter.Their conversations even escalated to phone sex, according to Hadlock.

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Another source said the representative had reached out to him out of the blue when he was just 17 and living in another state.

The website interviewed three people who say they knew Goodman during the time he worked in the capital.

Before being elected to the Ohio state legislature to represent Cardington, Goodman worked in Washington as an aide to Rep.

A disgraced Ohio lawmaker, who was an outspoken LGBT opponent, had been sending male college students lewd messages and naked photos before he was forced to step down over claims he had sexual relations with a man in his office. Wes Goodman, who is married to wife Bethany and consistently touted his view that 'natural marriage' was between a man and a woman, would also allegedly trawl Craigslist for random gay hookups.

Goodman was confronted about rumors he was gay by Ohio House officials over the summer after they were being presented with screenshots of his private messages discussing sex acts with men, Brad Miller, spokesman for the GOP House caucus and Speaker Cliff Rosenberger of Clarksville, told The Dispatch.

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