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They gain levels in these new career options, allow them to earn more money and please the crowds. The Sims 3 Pets The Sims 3 Pets lets your Sims adopt or breed cats, dogs, and horses.

Each of these pets has their own traits, and Sims can scold or praise them to improve their behavior.

This EP adds lunar phases to the game, and complements Seasons well.

The Sims 3 Showtime Showtime lets your Sims perform as Acrobats, Singers, or Magicians.

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I'm working to update pages to a finalized version and will list them along with It F coverage here: Lifetime Rewards for It F - New Future Sim Maintenance Master Portal Immunity Time Remote Control Trait Chip Bundle Utopian and Dystopian Future Timelines - New More than a Machine Lifetime Wish - New Legacy Statue Requirements and Tips - New Descendants System: Family Size and Wealth Bot Arena Career: Arena Mechanic or Plumbot Arena Official Astronomy Career: Space Explorer or Astrophysicist Into the Future Expansion Pack Features - New Nanite List, Rare Nanites, and Maps for Finding Them Advanced Technology Skill Guide Bot Making Skill Guide Laser Rhythm-a-con Instrument Guide - New Trait Chips Plumbots The Time Traveler, Entering Oasis Landing and Research Opportunities Island Paradise Guide Coverage IP Expansion Pack Guide coverage has completed.

Several Packs are now out, which provide additional content and expand the game.

Expansion Packs Get to Work Expansion Outdoor Retreat Pack Spa Day Game Pack Luxury Party Stuff Perfect Patio Stuff Here are major guide sections, for those who've recently bought it: Building Houses and Lots - a Build Mode Guide Aspirations Skills Emotions Careers Sim Traits Sim Needs and Life Span Settings Death Hidden Areas Gardening Sims 4 Cheats We now have a Guide to Roaring Heights with Maps to Collectibles along with information on the Premium Content that comes with this new Town.

Seasons change and the weather can turn cold or hot, while brining on the rain, thunder, hail and even beautiful snow that coats the land. The Sims 3 Supernatural Supernatural features a whopping five new life states for Sims.

Sims can be either a fairy, werewolf, witch, vampire, or be turned into a Zombie.

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