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Art Thompson of Yakima, Wash., a welder and mechanic who is the custodial father of two sons, ages 8 and 6, says, "I've had problems keeping a job because of being a single father. They say, 'Well, I've never had any problem taking care of my kids.' I say, 'You've had your wife at home doing these things.' I guess it's hard for them to comprehend if they haven't been there."Forget romance This isn't all that outsiders fail to comprehend.

Another misconception, according to Batchelder, involves single fathers' social life.

Once they get socially comfortable with that, then your kids aren't around just single-parent families."Thompson and Crawford, who are friends, also enjoy planning outings with another friend who is rearing children alone."Three of us fathers go up in the hills and cut Christmas trees with our kids, or take them to the park," Thompson says.

"We try to do things that you would do in a normal family relationship."Still, establishing normal family relationships has limits for single parents of both sexes.

That event was the beginning of what he calls "a real growing experience," a total change in attitude.

Although he loved his baby daughter, Meghan, he assumed that feedings and diaper changes were the province of mothers. Crawford suddenly found himself with the sole care of a one-year-old.On the other hand, "if you try to date a woman who's never had kids, it doesn't work," he says. "I've tried three different relationships since I've had custody," Thompson says."It hurts the kids every time my relationship doesn't make it.About half are divorced, and a third are not married. Despite their growing numbers, custodial fathers remain relatively invisible, overshadowed by media portrayals of divorced men who fail to support their children financially and emotionally."You listen to some of these talk shows and it's always about 'deadbeat dads,'" Crawford says."You never hear about mothers who don't accept responsibility and fathers who do."For Crawford, as for other single fathers, accepting responsibility can include everything from learning to cook and do laundry to helping a 12-year-old daughter shop for her first bra.Batchelder, who has been rearing his 12-year-old son and 14-year-old daughter for 11 years. Whatever we do, we're supposed to be able to do it on our own.We're not supposed to ask for help."Those who do ask for help may find it doesn't exist, that social service agencies often do not serve men.It's a little better now, probably because my kids are older."Kevin Whitney of Lynn, Mass., the divorced father of two sons, ages 10 and 7, offers another example of misguided attitudes."In general, professional women don't assume that men know anything about children or are able to take care of them," he says."Nurses and women doctors will ask me things like, 'What did his mom say?They fall as much in love with the woman Dad loves as Dad does.If you keep going from relationship to relationship, the boys won't know what true love is."At the same time, activities as a family are important.

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