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One of Lyon’s most notable landmarks, the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière, is a very short walk from the ruins, and this impressively constructed church receives two million visitors annually.

The most spectacular time to visit is during the Fête des Lumières, or the Festival of Lights, in early December.

Maybe it’s because the lights of Paris burn so brightly, but travelers often forget there are other cities in France.

I suspect smaller French cities get skipped over on the way to the countryside, where people seek life-affirming epiphanies in a quaint, Provençal setting or for suntans on the southern beaches.

Here are five reasons why Lyon needs to be included in your next trip to France.

This is Lyon’s original Roman name, and her history as a former colony of the empire is evident when you hike up the Fourvière hill for the Musée Gallo-Romain.

The UNESCO world heritage site features ruins and two sizable Roman theaters, one of which has been renovated and has recently hosted concerts by Bjork and Bob Dylan.

I don’t blame these vacationers, really, but since moving to Lyon (sometimes called “Lyons” in English), I have had several friends miss a visit to my city because they simply just couldn’t squeeze it into their European itinerary. I understand that if you plan a week-long visit to New York City, that doesn’t mean you will scrap seeing the Statue of Liberty to jaunt over to Chicago for the Sears Tower, or that you wouldn’t avoid Rome’s Colosseum for Turin’s shroud.

However, Lyon, now France’s second-largest city, is easily accessible by other European and international hubs, and is only two hours by train from Paris.

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