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The dingy nuisance gets to don a coat of many colors through the ages: Here we have rat as popular amusement (a Gangs of New York-era section on Irish-born “rodentary magnet” Kit Burns, who staged dog-vs.-rat fights in the Sportsman’s Hall), as outdoorsy adventurer (rats in trees in Greenpoint!), and as social vector—a catalyst for the sanitation workers’ and Harlem tenants’ strikes of the 1960s.

The high demand for prostitution and the fact that this industry brings in billions of dollars each year to the Thai economy has caused many government officials, politicians and police to turn a blind eye to illegal activities– making it very difficult to crack down on sex trafficking.

The look on the man’s face spoke of entitlement, an air of dominance and anticipation.

The way he led the 12 year-old across the street was more authoritarian than paternal.

Filed Under: Aftercare, Blog, Events, Girls, Prevention, Restoration, Thailand June 16, 2016 Destiny Rescue’s staff members and volunteers work hard to help girls heal and prepare for the future.

Our memory works in funny ways, with a select few images flashing through our heads when we think back to a particular one.

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