That game about dating disabled girls Sexfreecam

The piece featured all the building blocks for a dating game involving a private school for the disabled, and started quite a wave of interest in the subject.

Of course, this kind of thing isn’t all that surprising to see on the Internet.

Kotaku posted a slightly more detailed history of all this on their site a little while back, for those interested in their article it’s here.

But after reading the rather interesting history of the game in the previously mentioned Kotaku article as well as finding out that the game itself was free (and honestly, how can you beat free?

), I figured the least I could do was set my skepticism aside for a few minutes and give the game a try.

But if you’d rather go through the game and just enjoy the romance and story as Hisao (the main character) woos and falls for each of Speaking of awesome ladies!

Let’s dive into what makes this game worth playing (see: reading): the girls!

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