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Gossip, ridiculously high expectations, and rejections by ignorance are only some of the examples in this area.Grandparents are always carrying on about how today’s generation has such a lack of respect. Through every activity in which I’ve been involved, I’ve encountered this problem.Unfortunately, the majority, or at least the majority with the most influence, simply don’t care.Second, nobody is honest with themselves, let alone anyone else.If they had to put up with the rejections that most men do all the time, I guarantee that they would have more respect for men.Women would no longer put up with moving from guy to guy based on who was interested in her at the moment.Then, when a rejection occurs (even if it’s not rude), the rejector spreads rumors around to all his/her friends that cause them to completely ignore you, refusing to invite you to parties or even to initiate conversations with you.The biggest insult is that even if you asked point-blank, you’d still never get a truthful answer as to why such harm was directed towards you.

Men have so much more capacity in the dating arena than constantly looking for sex at all costs, if they would only exercise it. Imagine if all the men even at one corporation or university decided to ban together.

And I’m exhausted after people expect me to work to death in volunteer organizations!

There are always exceptions to this rule, and I’m sure that there are many people who do have a great deal of respect for both their peers and their elders.

Dating has turned into a torrent of backstabbing of which even Mark Burnett would be proud.

Asking someone out is nearly impossible, because the gossip about it has already spread to a thousand people before you make the move.

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