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Season 8, Episode 13January 10, 2003Drew lands Oswald a job at the Web site, only to have his buddy lose the gig by breaking the one instrument that runs the whole place. Season 8, Episode 14January 24, 2003Drew's bosses get more than they bargain for when they cast him in their live Super Bowl ad, unaware of his sickening camera shyness. Season 8, Episode 16June 25, 2003The gang talks Drew into skipping work for a dream trip to Florida that becomes a nightmare after Carey's guilt gets the best of him. Season 8, Episode 17July 2, 2003Kellie's shot at winning a karaoke contest hits a sour note after Drew bullies his way into her act in hopes of going for the gold himself.

But the situation really bites once Drew realizes that his mutt isn't coming home. But when the pair meet up in New Orleans, will they click? Meanwhile, Steve pulls out all the stops to stop Mimi from punishing him for cheating on her. Season 8, Episode 18July 2, 2003Drew faces his stiffest competition in the game of love after he and a lesbian friend (Amy Pietz) fall for the same woman (Melanie Deanne Moore). Drew's whirlwind romance with the stranger (A. Langer) he met on the bus stops short after her many exes crash their love nest. Meanwhile, Lewis and Oswald take in Steve but are soon ready to throw him out after his overly emotional nature brings out their inner meanies. Season 8, Episode 10November 29, 2002Drew hires a teen geek (Lacey Chabert) to tutor him before his bosses at the Website realize that he has zero techno know-how. Season 8, Episode 19July 9, 2003Drew and Kellie (Cynthia Watros) pose as a man and wife to win a stay at a time-share condo, where romantic tensions arise when the manager makes his move on Drew's “Mrs.” Meanwhile, Lewis and Oswald blow their chances to stay at Casa Carey ever again. Season 8, Episode 20July 9, 2003Lewis becomes a royal pain in the chasis after he tricks Drew into giving him the run-down but respectable Rolls Royce he won as a bonus at work. But things go too far when they call in a Russian animal doctor to treat their buddy's most sensitive side. Meanwhile, Drew puts down the deposit on his wedding without knowing who he's going to marry. Season 8, Episode 4September 30, 2002Hoping to impress the guys, Kellie (Cynthia Watros) unleashes her inner idiot and winds up with some stolen goods and the cops in pursuit. Meanwhile, Oswald hires a professional (Henry Rollins) to rough him up after accidentally disfiguring his own mother. Along with the crew-cut star's ample charm, the sitcom's occasional dance numbers, parodies and animation helped make this one of ABC's more durab An easygoing Cleveland Everyman seeks simple pleasures in the company of his oddball friends as he trades barbs with his nemesis, a plus-size coworker who applies makeup the way Jackson Pollock applied paint. Season 8, Episode 2September 16, 2002Drew pulls out all the stops to stop Kate from walking down the aisle with her military beau (Cameron Mathison)---and out of his life for good. Along with the crew-cut star's ample charm, the sitcom's occasional dance numbers, parodies and animation helped make this one of ABC's more durable and creatively unpredictable shows.

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