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This is either highly annoying or great news for agencies still wanting to produce films for their clients. Shifting gears completely: Love our new Prez, his family, even the dog. Both men are handsome, driven, and self-destructive. A more accurate telling would have the man going to CP&B’s swank new Boulder office but who’s quibbling? Watching “Trust Me” is a little like dating an ex girlfriend. (I’m married but you get my point) The truth is I felt like I was in almost every scene, just off camera.But why is everyone so complimentary of Michelle Obama’s wardrobe? When the Creative Director tells his partner “always hire creative people who are better than you because you’ll end up getting credit for their work anyway,” I instantly recalled my father telling me the same thing.A painful story, that person eventually had to be let go. Roger Ebert\'s column on AA Steff on Twitter Filed in Uncategorized ·Tags: AA, addiction, Advertising, alcoholics anonymous, alcoholism, alcoholism in advertising, At the Movies, Chicago Sun Times, creativity, drinking at work, drug abuse, Euro RSCG, Leo Burnett, Mad Men, Roger Ebert, Steffan Postaer, The Happy Soul Industry Same guy, different crimes. Wonder what they have in store for the yuppie brew in the iconic green bottle. Last summer Bernie Gomez, the Creative Director for the campaign, applied the red hue per TNT’s request so it would show better on camera. Eric Mc Cormack’s character literally says he has an “effen Effen” meeting.I should say my office in Chicago had nothing to do with this big win. I know it sounds silly –it is- but a lot wrangling took place between the real agency (Euro RSCG) and the TV agency (RGM) to get this stuff on the show. Our friends at Barton Brands had to grant us permission. While much of “Trust Me” is shot in Hollywood, the soul of our city is redolent.However, the heartfelt meaning is lost as it is pretty obvious he was trying to deceive readers into believing they were HIS words.We can only imagine Shia was trying to appear intelligent to those he was writing to, but now that they know he lied to them, he only looks straight up crazy!Those others are often fellow workers, above and below me. Therefore, by Chiarella’s criteria, I am an abject failure as a man, at least as it pertains to my conduct at work. Submit to the Rogue\'s Gallery Filed in Uncategorized ·Tags: Ad Age, Advertising, advertising shows, Adweek, AMC, anti heroes, appropriate office behavior, Ayn Rand, chatting, copywriting, creative direction, creativity, Dan Draper, DDB, Energy BBDO, Esquire, Euro RSCG, gossip, Leo Burnett, Mad Men, marketing, men, Objectivism, office behavior, self disclosure, selfism, sharing with others, Steffan Postaer, Sterling Cooper, stoicism, Ton Chiarella, watercooler talk Thumbs up, one day at a time Well-known, Pulitzer-Prize winning film critic, Roger Ebert recently published a lengthy column on his 30-year membership in Alcoholics Anonymous. First, not many people as famous as Roger Ebert own up to the disease of alcoholism unless, of course, they have gotten into trouble or were called out by someone else. By breaking from tradition, the author is publicly discoursing about what is usually kept private. For decades advertising has been known as a drinking man’s business.

Most men, even those of us utterly unlike Don Draper, would believe there is wisdom in admiring, if not adhering to, the “strong silent type.” We’d like to think our fathers or their fathers were that way. I freely admit to failing the above three “rules” almost every day. But if at work I talk about relationship issues at home –it happens- will the listeners then have something on me?

due to "creative differences" with Alec Baldwin, he has been trying to save his name by posting personal emails from his former co-stars on Twitter.

But leaking one of those emails has backfired because it has been discovered that a portion of it was actually pulled from soliloquy Those are profound words, especially in his situation.

Writer at large, Tom Chiarella has an intriguing sidebar in the August issue of Esquire magazine, entitled “What Mad Men has taught me.” As we prepare for the show’s fourth season on AMC , I want to take a closer look at his commentary.

Not so much to publicize the show or his remarks but to analyze them. He rightly claims the show has an ambiguous “moral center.” To be accurate he writes it has none.

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