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Cognition is assessed across multiple domains including attention and executive control, language, memory, emotion, action control and learning.

A subset of 280 adults return for in-depth neurocognitive assessment in Stage 3, using functional neuroimaging experiments across our key cognitive domains.

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This hypothesis is grounded in a growing number of findings demonstrating that older adults' brains can remain flexible despite structural decline, and that this flexibility can help support successful cognition into old age [].Growing older involves changes to most aspects of our lives, but one of the most important changes is to our mental or cognitive health.The aim of the Cambridge Centre for Ageing and Neuroscience (Cam-CAN) project is to identify the neural mechanisms underpinning successful cognitive ageing.Although old age is often stereotyped as a time of declining mental abilities and inflexibility, cognitive neuroscience reveals that older adults use neural and cognitive resources flexibly, recruiting novel neural regions and cognitive processes when necessary.Our aim in this project is to understand how age-related changes to neural structure and function interact to support cognitive abilities across the lifespan.Despite promising findings, there has been little systematic examination of the role of neural flexibility across the lifespan which could help us to understand the nature of successful cognitive ageing and how best to support it.We take a multi-disciplinary approach to understanding the relationship of neural flexibility to cognitive success.Organised by GLORIA SPORTS ARENA in various disciplines, the GLORIA CUP brings together world-famous teams every year and presents Turkish spectators the ultimate sports experience.GLORIA CUP first started with the Gloria Cup Basketball tournament, held with the participation of 6 Euroleague teams in 2014 and continued with the Gloria Cup Volleyball tournament held with the participation of the 4 leading ladies' volleyball teams of the world, including Vakıfbank and Volero Zurich.We are recruiting a population-based cohort of 3000 adults aged 18 and over into Stage 1 of the project, where they complete an interview including health and lifestyle questions, a core cognitive assessment, and a self-completed questionnaire of lifetime experiences and physical activity.Of those interviewed, 700 participants aged 18-87 (100 per age decile) continue to Stage 2 where they undergo cognitive testing and provide measures of brain structure and function.

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