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Put her on speakerphone so she can talk you or your birth partner through your baby's birth. If you’re on your own, the operator will probably advise you to call someone nearby who can come over as soon as possible.Make sure your door is unlocked, so that help can get in easily. Your baby will need to be kept warm once he’s born, so it’s important to make sure the room you give birth in is warm and cosy.Lie on your left side, or get on all fours and bring your chest down to your knees.Your face should be near the floor, and your bottom in the air. If you still feel the urge to push, then go with it.

Trauma screening can include a particular tool or a more formalized process.*Adapted from the Child Welfare Trauma Training Toolkit.Types of Screening Tools Clinicians may administer the trauma screening in a number of ways depending on the age and developmental stage of the child and on the child’s relationship with the caregiver and other collateral informants in his or her life.You may wonder how Joshua’s experiences have affected him.He has been exposed to several potentially traumatizing events, but not all of these events may have had a harmful effect.Trauma screening should evaluate the presence of two critical elements: (1) Exposure to potentially traumatic events/experiences, including traumatic loss (2) Traumatic stress symptoms/reactions Not all children who experience negative events suffer posttraumatic or trauma-specific reactions as a result.Trauma screening should measure a wide range of experiences, identify common reactions and symptoms of trauma (e.g., PTSD, dissociation), as well as other commonly reported difficulties (e.g., anger, behavior problems, depression, anxiety).A trauma screening reveals that Joshua has suffered multiple traumatic events, including being locked in dark closets for hours at a time, being forced to watch his biological father fondle his youngest sibling, being isolated and denied food and water for more than a day at a time, unpredictable violence by his father, and ongoing substance use by both parents.As his sister was present during the abuse, she serves as a powerful reminder to Joshua.Most screening tools are for use by professionals with a range of training and experience.However, providers using a screening tool should consider (1) factors such as age, race, linguistic skills, and cognitive/developmental capabilities; (2) whether the client is among the populations for which the tool has been validated and normed; and (3) if there are factors which might affect the reliability and validity of the tool for this particular client.

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