Updating outlook express 6

If there are more than two then check the size of folder, the folder with bigger size has more mails so could be the one you need. Consider this fair warning to back up your stuff (now) as per the first post tin this thread.You don't know when 1511 will come to you via the MS auto-upraper - but it will come. (and found my files in the folder) -W Regarding backing up mail files - I found the best is to actually relocate them from under %appdata% to something like %userprofile%\mail or to a folder under "my documents".It differs from many of the other components described in this white paper in that its main function is to communicate through the Internet or an intranet (in contrast to components that communicate with the Internet in the process of supporting some other activity).

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Outlook is complicated under the hood and the performance depends on the Internet connections, add-ons, security software, system performance etc. Now, navigate to the Advanced tab and then click on the ‘Reset’ button. Then, check the box “Delete personal settings” and then click on Reset button.

We had made some tests and decided that it is better users to full bacup all data. As for send-to menu, we will try to bring it back very soon.

We are waiting windows 10 first updates so we can work with a more stabe win 10 version.

For users that have lost oe from win 10 updates, this tool (restores oe back) can be used: https://runasxp.com/Thread-Windows-10-up...store-tool The tool will restore oe back but users must backup their emails before windows 10 major upgrade, for piece of mind. On Tray icon settings click "Browse Address Book" Close Outlook express and copy the Address book (Wab) file(s) also (Backup) 5.

Another solution (not suggested) is turning off Automatic updates on Windows 10. Open Outlook Express and go to "Tools Accounts" and click on "Mail" Tab.

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