Updating servers with rpm

Here is an example of searching for an rpm package by name.

The $ pulp-admin rpm repo content rpm --repo-id=pulp --match 'name=^python-w.

The following example assumes that the repository “foo” has some content units and that we want to copy all of them to the repository “bar”.

$ pulp-admin rpm repo copy rpm --from-repo-id=foo --to-repo-id=bar Progress on this task can be viewed using the commands under "repo tasks".

We bought some 54xx Intel Xeon (quad-core) processors for a Dell 2950 system that we have.

$ pulp-admin repo --help Usage: pulp-admin repo [SUB_SECTION, ..] COMMAND Description: list repositories and manage repo groups Available Sections: group - repository group commands history - show sync and publish history tasks - list and cancel tasks related to a specific repository Available Commands: download - queues a full download of all missing units in a repository that is using a "background" or "on_demand" download policy.

The progress of the task can be viewed using the commands under "repo tasks" $ pulp-admin repo tasks list --repo-id=foo ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Tasks ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Operations: delete Resources: foo (repository) State: Successful Start Time: 2012-12-17TZ Finish Time: 2012-12-17TZ Result: N/A Task Id: 2d4fc3da-7ad7-448c-a9dd-78e79f71ef2f $ pulp-admin repo list ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Repositories ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Id: pulp Display Name: Pulp Description: Pulp's stable repository Content Unit Count: 39 Id: repo1 Display Name: repo1 Description: None Content Unit Count: 0 Id: repo2 Display Name: repo2 Description: None Content Unit Count: 0 search feature.

The layout of this command may vary based on the content type; for example, RPM support includes a separate command for each package type (rpm, srpm, etc.).

The example below shows how to request deletion and then check the status of that task.

$ pulp-admin rpm repo delete --repo-id=foo The request to delete repository [foo] has been received by the server.

] Release: 9.fc17 Requires: u'python(abi)', u' EQ', [u'0', u'2.7', None] Vendor: Version: 0.32 search.For content units that involve an on-disk file (such as RPMs having a package stored on disk), the file is only stored once even if it is included in multiple Pulp repositories.


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