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There are many cases wherein the MBR and sometimes the bootsector are modified against your will, resulting in a system that doesn’t work the way you want it to.In these cases, you’ll want to use Easy BCD’s bootloader installation components to update the MBR and bootsector to a compatible version, or else you’ll find yourself unable to view Easy BCD’s boot selection menu.Prior to Windows 10, however, you could choose to not install updates at all, but I certainly don't recommend that you do that.No, you probably don't have missile launch codes, a copy of Google's search algorithm, or a secret Star Wars script, but that doesn't mean your information, or your actual computer, isn't useful to someone with malicious intent.The new Windows bootmgr/bcd bootloader is installed to your first-boot hard drive’s MBR the first time you install a “BCD OS” – Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows Server 2008 – and every time thereafter it is updated or rewritten depending on its status.In order to boot into newer versions of Windows, the new BCD bootloader must be the currently installed MBR script!Actually, Windows Update checks for updates randomly, every 17 to 22 hours. Microsoft realized that millions of computers checking for updates at the same time might just bring their servers down.

on your computer, all of which would be immediately valuable to a thief, there's plenty to want on anyone's Internet-connected computer.

If a hacker is able to silently install a certain kind of program on your computer, you could become one more computer among millions of other drone computers, doing the bidding of their master.

This is often how high profile business and governmental websites are taken down.

This feature shouldn’t be used through a virtualization layer or under custom filesystem drivers.

Writing the MBR will may result in some rather unexpected behavior!

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