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So, for our prime number example, we'd simply replicate the server-side validation event handler as a client-side function in Java Script, resulting in the following client-side code: - are untyped.

That is, there is no explicit mention of what data type they are.

(There's also two Compare Validator controls to ensure that the user enters a positive integer into the Text Box.) .

Next, we compute the square root of the number entered by the user.

As you'll recall from many years ago, a prime number is a number that is only divisible by the number 1 and itself.

Numbers like 13, 23, and 37 are prime, for example. NET validation control model to provide validation on the user's entry to ensure that it's prime.

(...) One of the nice things about the built-in ASP.In this article we examined the Custom Validator control, ASP. We looked at how to wire up a server-side validation event handler, as well as how to specify client-side validation. NET's built-in validation controls may provide adequate for the majority of form validation needs, it's always nice to have a thorough understanding of the Custom Validator Web control for those times when the built-in controls just won't cut it. Net has bunch of useful validation controls and they realy make our project so easy in terms of validations. Net doesn't have any control to validate a check box !NET validation Web controls (the Required Field Validator, the Compare Validator, the Range Validator, and the Regular Expression Validator), you will be able to solve the vast majority of your form validation needs.However, there may be times when you need to perform more complex validation logic.Unfortunately there is no Prime Number Validation Web control, so we'll have to use a Custom Validator.The below code shows a simple Web form with a Text Box and a Button, and a Custom Validator validating that the number entered into the Text Box is indeed prime.To do this, we must write a server-side validation event handler that will be responsible for performing the three steps above for our Custom Validator control.This server-side validation event handler must have the following definition: event has to be wired up to our server-side validation event handler.This is due to the fact that Java Script (and VBScript, for that matter) are type-free languages, meaning variables may assume any type.While the above code has changed syntactically from the server-side event handler example (written in VB. We simply loop from 2 to the square root of the number the user entered, checking to see if the number is evenly divided by the looping variable. Be sure to view the live demo to see the client-side validation in action!

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