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Date of review: December 2007 Distance from department: ~1.5 miles. Where: 15 North Butler Street (at the corner with E. Madison is now lucky enough to have two authentic Italian style pizzerias, Cafe Porta Alba and Pizza Bruta (review coming soon). The Icon is the latest in the small plates trend of restaurants.Both are quite good in their own way and bring a much more authentic pizza to Madison. It is run by the same folks that stared Frida's Mexican Restaurant (less trendy than The Icon, but worthwhile).I thought I had already joined this group, but it seems to have fallen off my list. I've only been to a handful of meetups so far, but am hoping to do more this winter. Organic Consumer Guide Organic Consumer Guide and other promotional and educational materials that support the growth of organic food production and sales in Wisconsin.This list of restaurants is meant to help you find a good meal in Madison.We have lots of great places to eat, so this isn't too much of a chore.True romantics have made reservations at their favorite restaurant weeks ago.But the rest of us — even we lonelyhearts — should still be able to snag a table at one of these romantic places and not have to settle for fast food.

This cold salad included pieces of eggplant, tomatoes, and onion, with a tart vinegarette dressing, served with crisp thin crostini..Send mail to Note that these comments are based on personal opinions and should not be construed as official statements of the University of Wisconsin or the State of Wisconsin.A general apology: this page is out of date in many areas. I am trying to find the time to make some substantial updates. I have deleted many obsolete reviews and just added my first new one (The Icon). Here are some places that I like that I have not reviewed yet: Monty's Blue Plate Diner (east side), Hubbard Avenue Diner (downtown Middleton), Old Fashioned (Capitol Square), Frida Mexican Grill (117 State St.), Taste of India (Monroe St.).Organic Advisory Council Twelve-member Council that provide guidance to the Secretary of Agriculture, the Governor, the Legislature, and other state agencies on actions that can be taken to further the Wisconsin organic industry.Organic Certification Cost Share Program The program helps organic farmers and processors pay for organic certification. Wisconsin Local Food Marketing Guide​A 106-page guide for food producers interested in entering local food markets Organic Agriculture in Wisconsin: 2017 Status Report Report compiled in conjunction with the Center for Intergrated Agriculture Systems.Ed Lump, president and CEO of the Wisconsin Restaurant Association, said he didn’t know whether V-Day is the biggest night in the restaurant industry, but said it is “certainly one of the biggest.”Valentine’s Day translates into a big Having the holiday fall on a Friday makes it “less good” for restaurants because Friday — the night of the Wisconsin fish fry — is a big night anyway, Lump said.Lunches are busier on Valentine’s Day and during Valentine’s week as well, he said.Such a faux is pax is surprising at a restaurant that specializes in wine by the glass. Three of us decided to share four small plates, and the fourth selected an entree. This was a satisfying dish of a scoop of chevre surrounded by a homemade tomato sauce and served with well-seasoned pieces of garlic bread.While the tastes worked our pretty well, the amount of bread was insufficient for the cheese and sauce.The Vionege that I tried (at /glass) was pretty decent but served refrigerator cold.It took 15-20 minutes for the wine to come up to a temperature where I could properly taste any of the fruit.

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