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Aizu-san and Hattori-san literally opened a whole new world to me.

I ended up visiting small virtual communities far from Tokyo, meeting a regional governor and a small-town mayor who both use CMC as part of their government, participating in social gatherings of enthusiasts from two different Japanese conferencing systems.

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What kinds of cultures emerge when you remove from human discourse all cultural artifacts except written words?

We've become social interpreters for one another, translating the fine points of Japanese and American cultural codes that aren't written in books.

Because of the deep cultural differences that lurk between the surface similarities, I would never have understood 1 percent of what happened to me as an American in Japan, nor would the doors have been opened for me there, without Izumi Aizu's assistance.

Ideas can move much more quickly from the fringes to the center in Japan, especially technology-related ideas.

Japanese leaders, like American technology managers, find themselves forced to look beyond their piece of technological turf or the perimeter of their profit centers, to consider the larger system, the infrastructure--the social changes as well as the hardware and software involved in creating a national or international highway of the mind.

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