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I bought the book Deserve What You Want and have been reading it.

When was the last time you actually found a book on dating and relationships that actually helped YOU become better?

Otherwise, the only real-world alternative (at best) is to "settle" for a partner who disappoints you--and vice-versa.

And today all has paid off in the form of ultimately finding, attracting and keeping the kind of woman who is of such high-quality that most, if not all people consider it being "too picky" to ever even have hoped for someone like her.

You could nurture it and read about helping it, but applying it is where the secret lays.

1000 Questions For Couples One of the biggest reason marriages end in divorce is because couples fail to ask the big questions before they walk down the aisle.

We carefully screen the potential candidates to filter out fraudsters and gold diggers.«Happy Life» offers other comprehensive services to its customers.

Country: England City: London Birth date: Age: 37Zodiac: Scorpio Nationality: British160/51Hair colour: Black Eye colour: Brown Body type: Slim Current occupation: PR director Education level: University Languages: English (Native speaker), French (Basic)Current marital status: Divorced Smoke: No Religion: Christian A few interesting things about me...

My realistic goal of Portaball sales was crossing 1000 copies in couple of months.

If only you wonderful people would of been around 30 or so years ago, I wouldn't have made so many mistakes like most of us women do.

After all, that's what really matters in life long after the "tips", "tricks" and "pity parties" have long since evaporated into thin air.

But if you are like me, you already sense that you've just got to BE the best partner possible in order to GET the best partner possible.

And to get the job done, you have to look forward instead of backward.

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