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I get the impression that Liberty has had trouble managing their growth and customer service is now lacking, and bill payment has been poor for several members.The firm they use to get additional discounts, Claims Delegate Services, told a member that it could take a year to get billing settled.I think this is because they are pretty small and probably don’t have the share funds available to do as much as the other ministries can, although they have gotten bigger and are allowing for more sharing of needs within the last year.Liberty has a provisional membership status for anyone who applies and has health conditions they feel could be improved by lifestyle changes.

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OUR NEED EXPERIENCE We recently experienced a surgical need while Samaritan members and found it to be a very simple, straightforward, rewarding experience (as much as any medical event can be). ” and I can honestly say, without any hesitation, YES IT DOES.They do state they abide by Christian principals, but I think they are more loose about some of those definitions.I’ve read that Liberty Healthshare only require you to believe that government should be out of healthcare and share like-minded beliefs, and apparently couples in non traditional marriages are allowed to join, but only as single members on separate accounts.Their guidelines appear a little restrictive and confusing, but that does seem to be improving as they grow (I’ve been watching their guidelines for a couple of years).I would pick their top plan, wouldn’t even consider the bottom two if I was choosing them.It sounds like they do have a membership card that you give to providers.SIMILARITIES REVIEWS Liberty is a very small ministry with about 28,000 members as of Sept 2016 (according to a couple of member reviews).From the few reviews I’ve read it sounds like that could include weight, bloodwork issues and so on. Liberty has a step up program for pre-existing conditions (anything having treatment in the past 24 months), no sharing in 1st year, then k 2nd year, k third year, 4th year not pre-existing any more.They require pre-notification for non emergency services and notification within 48 hrs for emergency situations.Guardians Group level is what provides member sharing for incidents above 5k.However, it will not share expenses for organ transplants, and has waiting periods on a couple other issues. Liberty’s website says that providers are reimbursed at Medicare’s rate plus 50-70% depending on if it’s inpatient or outpatient or physician charges.

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