Who is jill trenary dean dating

She was spotted leaving separately from Dean's house early each morning.

On Monday evening, she arrived at 9.50pm after picking up belongings from her own house just a mile away. On Tuesday she arrived at 7pm clutching a bouquet of flowers before again slipping out the next morning.

"Sarajevo was in Yugoslavia at the time which was still a communist country so there was a lot of support for the Russians but we still felt the crowd was with us.

There was a British contingent and even a group from Nottingham, our home town.”Jayne adds: “I remember stepping on to the ice waiting to be announced and then hearing the roar of the crowd when it was over.

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"We found ourselves at the end of our marriages and a great friendship turned into something else," she told Closer.He’s passionate about the show, but misses the boys desperately. ‘The ­longest bit is from January to April,’ he says. Thankfully, with the new camera phones we can see each other when we talk.’Did Jill tire of his long absences? ‘To some degree, part of it was spending so much time here. They have not taken to the ice competitively for 20 years but ask any random group of people to name a skater and chances are they will answer Torvill and Dean.Uh-oh, looks like another entry for the FAQ list.... Jayne and I chat on the phone every day…’ Jayne picks up the thread: ­‘Sometimes it was painful for me to know things weren’t good. When that’s not happening, it’s hard…’ And this is the thing about T&D: although both of them are uneasy ­talking about personal stuff, what they do say is said with such wide-eyed ­honesty you can’t help but believe, however cynical you might be, that the sleepovers really are, actually, as ­innocent as an eight-year-old’s pyjama party. Nothing feels like it’s changed for them.’Which for one of his sons is crucially important. I left school at 15-and-a-half and after a week I was in the police cadets. ‘I’m far more mellow since I’ve had the boys, but I was very much an OCD ­person. If I had a table at home like this...’ he ­gestures to the coffee table which is strewn with cups and ­saucers ...‘I couldn’t cope with this.’ Jayne chips in. I’m happy to finish at the studio, go back to my hotel or home and have my own space.’ ­During the TV series, Jayne spends from Thursday to Tuesday evenings away from her son Kieran, eight, and four-year-old Jessie. For me, the first performance we did on the first series was frightening.‘I had to get back into physical shape. At the time when things change you have to go through a warring period. We’ve stayed good friends because we love the boys. I want to be prepared and that would go over into my other life.Dancing On Ice's Christopher Dean spent five nights with a married co-star after splitting from his wife of 16 years, it was revealed yesterday. The Olympic gold medallist is said to have become 'close' to Karen Barber, 48, a fellow former professional who judges the ITV show in which features Dean is a mentor to the celebrity contestants.Dean's agent confirmed last night that the 51-year-old had separated from his second wife, U. Viewers were given no clues as the the pair played it cool on last night's show.This time, their version of the Bolero — in which, precariously attached to lengths of silk hanging from the ceiling, they are whisked 30 ft into the air — is the most spectacular yet. It takes over your life.’Chris continues: ‘You can let it. For us, we were so focused, so ­determined with what we wanted to do. We’ve been together longer than both my marriages lasted.’In the early Nineties, Chris was married briefly to French-Canadian skater ­Isabelle Duchesnay, who was famously jealous of Jayne, referring to her as the ‘other woman’ in their marriage. I went through a big withdrawal.‘I had a lot of depression for six months. For six months, I was scratching my head wondering: “What’s life about? No time you had to get up in the morning.’Jayne sits nodding as she listens to Chris. ‘When you don’t do what you know you’re good at for a long time, you don’t know who you are, because you’re not doing your job. ‘Just my boys and this one,’ he says, again patting Jayne’s leg, which is hooked over his now.You’ll find yourself watching it through your fingers. There’s a unique familiarity between them — a weird synchronicity. ‘In Colorado, I now live a minute’s walk away from them and go round every day. I don’t think we could have been as successful if we’d thought: “You know, I’m having fun doing this, but I’m going to go off her and party for a bit.” It took so much devotion. It was a religion in its own way.’ He pauses, trying hard to find the right words to explain this thing with Jayne. Patting Jayne on the leg, Chris says now: ‘This is the one marriage that lasted.’So, how did he cope with the eight-year separation following their retirement from professional skating in 1998? We did our last performance together in Vancouver, but didn’t tell anyone it was our last performance. I came back to England, packed up and went to the U. with my then wife, Jill, because we both thought there would be more opportunities for us there.‘So, I left the country, our partnership had finished and dissolved. You’re only as good as your last performance, which was years ago. ‘I think our children are the most ­important thing to both of us.

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