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Bad (1987): Eagerly awaited after a five year gap, includeing tour with his brothers.

It sold up to 30 million copies worldwide according to some estimates, a global hit although far short of the sales enjoyed by Thriller.

“It’s hard to explain, but having the time to devote to my family, which is absolutely most important to me, is just great. Then with a father’s pride, he adds, “There are 537 high school soccer teams in Ohio, and Morgan’s is the only one to go undefeated.” Showing that his nervous anticipation did not end when he left the field, T. notes that “in the championship game, they were playing another really good team, of course, and we were on pins and needles, but Morgan scored a goal 86 seconds into the game and they went on from there to win.” Broncos fans of course know that it is typical for a Jackson to make a big play as soon as the game begins.

We started to build, adding more talent every year, and the Broncos really took off.” Jackson made three Pro Bowl appearances from 1977-79 and was named first team All-Pro twice, in both 19, a time when he was the definitive emotional ringleader of the Orange Crush defense. When I was so emotional as a player, it was just a natural part of my game, and the emotion that I brought to the game was the same emotion that I have always brought to every other phase of my life.” The speedy linebacker helped the Broncos to six playoff berths, four division titles and two Super Bowls, finishing off his great career in Super Bowl XXI following the 1986 season. He had an illustrious career with the Broncos and has the unique distinction of having had just two employers since leaving college at the University of Louisville — the Broncos and ESPN, where he was a staple of the network’s pro football coverage until his retirement last year. I feel like somebody has watched over me my entire life.

“Different people have different personalities,” T. “I always tell my wife and friends that if I could choose the two things I would love to do professionally in life, one would be to play pro football, which I was so honored to do for the Broncos for 14 years, and then to talk about football and have fun doing that on TV.” Today, Tom Jackson speaks just as passionately about his family as his playing days and commentary career.

He and his wife, Jennifer, have two daughters, Taylor and Morgan, and they clearly are the lights of his life.

Taylor played soccer at and graduated from the University of Cincinnati with honors, spending one summer working for the Broncos as a public relations intern.

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