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17/04/09 "John: Get funny glasses too." You don't have a free card in your SYLLADEX! You are quite certain there has never been, nor ever will be... While you are wearing the items, they remain on the card, but it is temporarily removed from the deck, thus freeing up the cards beneath it.

However, you are able to MERGE the BEAGLE PUSS with the MAGICIAN'S HAT to create a CLEVER DISGUISE. 17/04/09 "John: Leave room." You exit into the HALLWAY.

There should be just enough FROSTING on the FAKE ARMS to serve as an adequate adhesive.

19/04/09 "John: Attach arms to doll." Hehehehehehehehe.

Most of the ASH is back in the URN, but it's a total mess.

"The moon's an arrant thief, and her pale fire she snatches from the sun." -Mark Twain You are almost certain Mark Twain said that. 18/04/09 "John: Topple urn." You clumsily mishandle the SACRED URN. In retrospect, upon mulling cinematic tropes regarding ash-filled urns, this outcome was a virtual certainty.

18/04/09 "John: Toss Game Bro into fire." It doesn't burn as quickly as you hoped. You'd probably better clean it up before DAD finds it.

Really it probably would have been tidier if you just used a broom and dustpan.

19/04/09 "John: Put urn back." No one will be the wiser. 19/04/09 "John: Go get fake arms again." You just got another BRILLIANT idea for something to do with those pointless arms.

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