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While it’s easy to gripe about how “easy” this should be, the Word Press team likely has a number of good reasons for keeping this functionality out of the system: The Word Press API presents a major security risk if it’s not carefully monitored.

Wordfence actually stumbled upon a serious problem within it about a year back.

If you’re being smart about backing up your site beforehand, then you should be reviewing your site afterward to ensure that nothing is amiss. If Word Press takes steps to auto-update the core, then you know users are going to clamor for auto-updates to plugins and themes as well.

In fact, Wordfence reports that 55.9% of website infections are caused by plugin vulnerabilities.Word Press 4.7 In 2008, with the release of version 2.7 “Coltrane”, Word Press made the bold announcement that: “[T]his may be the last time you ever have to manually upgrade Word Press again.” At the time, that was huge news, but it didn’t mean what those of us nearly ten years later would understand it to mean.What Word Press had done was add an update notification system that informed users of when an update was ready.This is why all Word Press users should be super diligent about keeping everything–the core, plugins, and themes–up to date.There should be barely any lag time between when the latest issue was released and when you implement it on your site.They luckily were able to notify Word Press right away and Word Press, in turn, repaired the vulnerability.However, if hackers had discovered it first and the core were auto-updated on all users’ sites, that could’ve resulted in some major problems.They need to be addressed–and they’re to be addressed eventually–so why not get off our backs and just do it for us already?Here’s the thing: Word Press updates can get complicated.For example: Under special circumstances, they would also automatically issue patches to plugins or themes that required immediate attention.Outside of these two initiatives, however, Word Press hasn’t been of much help in cutting down on the work required to keep a website’s core, plugins, and themes up-to-date.

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