Wsus computer not updating

The workaround here is to simply wait longer than usual, or to scan directly against Windows Update if you've waited several days and haven't seen any download success in that time.3.

WSUS can sync/distribute feature updates (such as 1511), but cannot deploy the 1607 feature update This is a newly reported issue that we are currently investigating.

Clients have upgraded to 1706 using Anniversary Update, but cannot get Cumulative Updates This is a bug in the Windows client that will be fixed in an upcoming cumulative update.

In the meantime, clients may experience some delay in getting the monthly content, but they will eventually download it.

And the ADMX is slightly different, so our security folks will have to review it again.

I do have them checking for updates every hour from my WSUS server though, and to expedite the process I run a Power Shell script to force it to check & install after the script I'm installing apps manually (we're still in POC/demo mode). Updates#Download updates.$Session = New-Object -Com Object Microsoft. I can confirm that it's going against the correct wsus server.It is a great primer and will get you up to speed quickly on Solar Winds Backup. If you google the issue, it appears that Windows 1607 doesn't play nice with WSUS.Yes you can force a Windows client to download and install updates when you want.ABC-Update is a freeware tool available from and it is designed to do just what you are asking.WSUS 3.0 SP2 on WS08R2 SP1 (or unpatched WS12/R2) cannot download ESDs This is by design.WSUS 3.2 cannot sync or distribute ESDs, and WS12/R2 can only do so if both KB3095113 and KB3159706 are installed on the machine, and all necessary post-install steps from KB3159706 have been followed.itprosetup Seems there is something to do with Cumulative Updates getting stuck.Yeah, the patch that's supposed to fix that may break printing (haven't seen any issues so far), but seems to work.Actually just updated a 1511 laptop to 1607 @home from my WSUS server and it seems to be updating fine after the update.The powershell script does help kick machines that seem to be wandering aimlessly instead of just installing the updates in the pants.

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